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2018 Penny Tonn

At Partners, it is our culture to celebrate our CORE Values and recognize those who are dedicated to delivering outstanding service. Our highest honor is the Penny Tonn Award, named after Partners previous President and CEO, Penny Tonn. Please join me join me in congratulating Irma, who not only lives the Core Values, but consistently delivers the highest standards of service to our Members.

“When you speak with Irma, she always gives you her undivided attention and makes you feel that you are the center of the conversation. As a result, the relationships she builds have a very strong foundation and you can see it with her Members on a daily occurrence.”

Watch the video for her warm, heartfelt reaction. So, if you happen to be on the Studios lot, pop in our branch and say hi to Irma and wish her well.

formerly authored by Iain C. from Partners