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Traditions 2019

Disney Traditions: Creating Happiness

Do you remember your Traditions experience? For many cast members at The Walt Disney Company, Traditions is a special memory; the excitement, getting your official name tag, meeting your new fellow cast members, and of course, a few magical surprises as well. The Disney Traditions program introduces all new cast members to the culture and heritage of our Company.

Each year, hundreds of talented cast members audition for the opportunity to facilitate Traditions classes. Partners is incredibly proud to announce that two members of the Partners family, Jenn and Sugeil, have been selected as 2019 Traditions Assistants!

“I’ve loved Disney from the time I was little, so getting to go through Traditions was so magical for me,” Jenn explained. “And just that feeling of pride and joy and excitement that I got when I left my Traditions class on my first day. I really wanted to share that feeling with the new cast members and continue that legacy.”

Both Jenn and Sugeil shared with me the rigorousness of the audition process. “The Traditions team explained that the audition was going to consist of four takes (rounds),” Sugeil said. “Take One in our case was sharing a story of one of our biggest accomplishments, professionally or personally. It had to be three minutes long in front of the group. It was nerve racking, but once you shared your story and they liked you, then you’d move on to Take Two and so forth.”

After finally being accepted as Traditions Assistants, their hard work wasn’t over quite yet. Jenn and Sugeil then had eight hours of material to memorize before their first class! Thankfully, the Traditions team provided amazing support and they were experts in no time.

After all of the auditions, training, and practice, it’s no wonder that each year’s Traditions Assistants become incredibly close. “There’s this special bond and connection,” Jenn said. “We’re all a Traditions family now. We’ve formed friendships and we’re all in it together. We’re all part of this thing that’s bigger than us.”

“I think this experience has changed me in so many ways,” added Sugeil. “Not only professionally, but also personally. I’m very grateful for that.”

“Traditions has been around since the beginning, and to be a part of that community—it’s really special. It’s really magical,” Jenn said. “You get to experience that pixie dust all over again every time.”

Formerly authored by Sarah B. at Partners